Meghana Sarvepalli
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nbc x snapchat

Working directly with the Vice President of Marketing from NBC Universal, our group was tasked with developing an approach to create stronger brand awareness with the Z Generation and NBC's popular content. Although NBC reigns as a leader in popular content and have the strongest viewer count for that demographic, many of their viewers are unaware the content is from NBC.

We aimed to market the shows with a 1:1 relationship with the NBC brand identity to establish their relationship, but we wanted to achieve this subtly. Utilizing the growing social media platform of Snapchat we took to their unique filter system to create a way for engaging user experience. This alone has been done before with multiple companies marketing through the same means. Therefore we pushed farther to bring the marketing full circle.

To do so we created the optional submission of personal content to NBC. This allows NBC to use the content and pair it with the shows actual content and use it within their broadcast line-ups. Now the creative fun many have found through Snapchat filters comes with a chance of limelight to be on television. The line-ups close to reveal Snapchat as the means for their viewers to be able to join them.